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I have so much information to add to my Tuning site that I would have to say it will take me forever to accomplish, so please come back every so often to see what I have added. Use the 'What's changed here lately' button to get a quick update on recent additions. Please cruise around, have a look and I hope there is something here that will be of interest to you.

This site has information & tutorials on lots of stuff under the bonnet of your car from the days when I owned my Tuning Specialist business between 1979-89 called MBS TUNING.

My wife & I purchased Kenny's Holden Spares and added a full workshop facility out back. We were operating this as MBS-auto but have decided to just group it into the Kenny's business model. The link now just takes you to Kenny's Holden Spares services offered page.


ON-Line Store


This link will take you directly to the store without going through the Kenny's or MBS business site.

The business we took over and working hard to expand the range of new parts available.

Our new domain name for advertising purposes


Because we are gurus with carbies

Our new domain name for advertising purposes


Because we are gurus at Injector cleaning



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