Welcome to my personal mechanical site.

Major News: I am back in business. Cheryl and I have have taken over Kenny's Holden Spares where we will establish a workshop and begin to offer similar services as MBS Tuning but less a dyno. This new venture will have a detrimental effect on the progress of this site. I do apologise for that but I will try my best to continue adding articles, stories, tutorials, video content and links pertaining to the specialist art of Engine Tuning, Engine Re-building and other mechanical bits and pieces but it will be at a slower pace as I must earn my keep first. The writing style is still unchanged and will remain keep it simple. I apologise in advance if somewhere in the writings it seems to get to in depth.

Most of the content in these pages will be pre 1989 as this is when I left the Tuning game, however many principals are the same for modern vehicles. The diagnostic techniques have changed a little and the equipment used today is far more advanced to the old days. When I get the chance I will show off some of my new diagnostic toys.

I still welcome any editorial submissions from any business or individual that has an article that would enhance this site. Late model topics greatfully accepted as this will balance the old with the new. Your work will be posted recognising your contribution.

This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer, some cosmetic features do not work in some browsers and some videos may be a problem in full screen mode. I have converted all the videos to streaming flash video, well the ones that could be anyway.


The links below are the most popular search engine hits on this site. The Air Cleaners Comparison is a must read for every car owner.

If you come across something that is not right, please let me know so I can fix it.

If you have an auto site of your own & wish a link to it on this site, contact me so I can set-up recipricol links




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